Wedding Videography and Photography

Wedding videography vendors are as plentiful as the wedding photographers. Choosing the right one is a challenge on its own. So here is a little word of advice in regards to booking your wedding photographer and wedding videographer. These are the people that will be with you pretty much through the entire wedding day, so make sure that you meet with them ahead of time, it is important for both sides that you actually get along 🙂
After working a few weddings with videographers, we realized that no matter how much we plan for our shots, they always get ruined by a videographer – and it’s not that they are bad people purposely standing in our way, it’s just that they want to get their shot. So, we decide to add videography as part of our packages – the less hands in the cookie jar, the easier the communication 🙂
See the example below of working with another videographer – he never moved out of the way for me to get the shot that I planned for, so why would any bride want to get this as her shot? Yes there is Photoshop and obviously fixable problem. But you don’t want your photographer to spend weeks fixing your images when you can have them within couple weeks of your wedding.
The wedding videography that we offer has a primary cinetamatographic style – clips from though out the day are put into a short movie, accompanied by music which compliments theme of your wedding.
So if you are planning your wedding, try the “one stop” shop for your coverage needs – it will give you a piece of mind and one less vendor to deal with, plus possibly a better deal than if you are to book two separate vendors.

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