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September Wedding in LA River Center and Gardens

Stephanie and Bjorn came to us with the request of covering their wedding day – they wanted a more journalistic approach of photography as Stephanie is camera shy. It was a gorgeous hot September day – hotter than normal for SoCal standards, but the groom didn’t show a sign of fatigue though out the ceremony or the reception. Maybe it was the excitement of the day that kept him cool.

Stephanie and Bjorn met in high schools and they were really good friends throughout. After graduation, they went their separate ways – Bjorn went back to Sweden and Stephanie stayed in LA, eventually their only form of contact was Facebook but that faded as their lives took them away. Years past before Stephanie found out that Bjorn was back in town. She was excited as she realized that her feelings for her friend were much more than plutonic.

She e-mailed him on Facebook but no answer, she kept emailing and even opened her heart and let him know exactly how she felt for him! Still no answer….she was discouraged and set her self a deadline – if he doesn’t call or e-mail me by a certain date and time, I will let him go….

Minutes before her deadline, he called!!!!
bride getting ready

groom getting ready

wedding vows

bride and bridal bouquet

wedding dress

wedding rings

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